Ready For Print (RFP)

The Ready For Print setting locks a job so no more changes can be made to it and allows it to appear to the Tiff Generator (for Hell Output) or on the engraver's list of cylinders available to engrave.

From the File menu, select Ready for Print.

Password Protect This Job

When a password is set for one or more separations of a job, the password must be entered when the RFP is cleared. It is not needed for engraving. Note that OHIO has no way to recover a forgotten password.

Tiff Auto Generate (type)

When this is selected, after setting a job RFP, the separations are automatically sent to the Tiff Generator and the tiffs (and related files) are created. The type of tiff, set in the User Preferences Output Options window, is shown here.

Complete information is in the Collage online help.