The Main Window & Toolbar

Open the Collage program using the icon on the desktop. Collage opens with an empty canvas (or layout area). The first action is to create a new job or open an existing job.

Use the menus and and the icons on the toolbar to open the windows and dialogs to perform actions.

When a job is open, the window's title bar shows the server name, the Job ID and the Job Name.

The layout area (gray when no job is open) shows the job layout. In Proof View, only colored boxes display. In Layout View, the actual images display.

The status bar at the bottom of the window displays help and system messages, the free space on the server, if the image has been touched up (CE/TU), if the job has been set Ready for Print (RFP), or if Right Reading has been turned on (RR). The cursor position relative to the upper left corner of the layout area is shown on the right.

Hover over an icon on the toolbar to see the tooltip.

The Toolbar

New Create a new job
Open Open an existing job
Save Save job
Layout View Change display to Layout View
Proof View Change display to Proof view
Zoom Top Zoom to top view (entire canvas fits in window)
Measure Set reference point and measure
Move Grids Toggle between Normal Mode, Move Mode, and Guide Mode
Soft Proof Properties Open the Soft Proof Properties window
Image List Open the Image List window
Position Editor Open the Position Editor for selected image(s)
Image Converter Open the Image Converter window
Gamma Editor Open the Gamma Editor
Sharpness Editor Open the Sharpness Editor
Cylinder Geometry Editor Open the Cylinder Geometry Editor
Hard Proof Open the Hard Proof window
Ink Volume Calculator Open the Ink Volume Calculator
Job Notes Open Job Notes

Complete information is in the Collage online help.