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Preventive Maintenance - A waste or time? or a way to improve profits?

Without question, Preventive Maintenance, or PM, is an important process and something that should not be forgotten. OHIO has seen multiple situations where just a little routine maintenance would have prevented costly downtime. Unfortunately, it is difficult to stress the importance of PM until a customer experiences first hand the problems resulting from a neglected machine.

Following are some pictures that show the results of neglecting a machine's PM.

Fans for cooling the Spectrum electronics:

One of two vacuum hoses that are to be replaced during the PM routine:

The second vacuum hose. No -- tape is not part of the standard PM routine

This is the result of not replacing the vacuum hoses as scheduled:

This shows the enclosure linear rail on a GRAVOSTAR HS machine that has not been lubricated periodically:

The reason filters are installed on the engrave head is to keep things clean inside the head. This shows what happens with no filters.

To ensure your machine keeps running at optimum quality, we strongly encourage the implementation of a preventive maintenance program. To aid in this, every new OHIO machine ships with:

  • A detailed Preventive Maintenance manual addressing the various procedures needed to keep your machine at peak performance. The manual provides not just the procedures, but also a schedule and complete list of the various consumable parts and lubricants that are required for the maintenance.
  • A one-year supply of consumable parts needed for the maintenance of each new machine.

If you cannot find the Preventive Maintenance manual that shipped with your machine, we can help.

  • If you have a Spectrum or Prism, the manuals are available on this website.
  • For other engravers, please contact us for a PDF version

If you would like help with your PM, an OHIO technician can perform the PM on your engraver. Contact our Service Department for more information and pricing for this service.

So: a waste of time or a way to improve your profits? Without question, Preventive Maintenance is a valuable tool to keep your profits up.



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