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Hell Output, Hell/DTG Match

OHIO engravers and Hell engravers

A mixed shop has both OHIO/Gravostar engravers and Hell engravers. Boost your productivity and flexibility with the Collage Hell Output module and the Hell/DTG Match on your OHIO/Gravostar engravers.

Hell Output - The ultimate in flexibility and productivity

Instead of using Collage for your OHIO/Gravostar engraver and HelioCom/HelioDisk for your Hell engravers, just use Collage! With the Hell Output module, all the required Hell files including job tickets are created and moved to the Hell engraver.

All the powerful tools in Collage can be used to create a job for output to a Hell engraver. Use the Collage quality enhancement tools, such as gradation values, web comp, and more. In Collage, set Hell engraver settings such as test cuts, control rectangles and more.

Download Collage-Hell Workflow (PDF)

The Hell Output module is an optional add-on to Collage. Requires Collage 4.3. Requires that the K500 Engraver Software is dated on or after October 10, 2011 to work properly.

Hell/DTG Match - For flexibility in cylinder engraving

With Hell Match or DTG Match, engrave cylinders on a Spectrum, Prism or HS engraver that exactly emulate the Hell screening. Mix OHIO and Hell cylinders without moiré.

With only a single software to learn and use for job setup, productivity increases. Set the job up once and send to any available engraver. And only Collage allows a job to be split: engrave some cylinders on an OHIO engraver and some on the Hell engraver—without moiré.

Download Hell Match Workflow (PDF)

Hell/ DTG Match is a hardware/software option for your new or existing OHIO engraver. This option may be available on certain Gravostar engravers with very recent embedded software. Note that not all Gravostar engravers can be configured as Match engravers. Please contact us for more information. Requires Collage 4.3

What is the difference?

Both products are optional and require special licenses.

Collage Hell Output

Collage Hell Match


For the highest productivity in a mixed shop with both OHIO and Hell engravers, the Collage Layout Software with Hell Output cannot be beat.



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