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Remote Support Tool

The Remote Support Tool allows a Customer Service representative to take control of your computer to troubleshoot a problem you may be having. No software is installed on your computer. You download the software to your computer then run it only when needed. While it is running, we can see what is on your computer. The tool is secure: only we can access your computer while it is running.

  1. Download the Remote Support Tool to your computer.
    Note: Beginning with Collage 3.1.27, this program is installed on Collage PCs. .
  2. Double-click the .exe file to open it.
    On a Collage PC with 3.1.27 or higher: open Programs > Collage > Teamviewer
  3. A window similar to the following displays:
  4. Your ID is unique to your computer and is always the same.
    The Password is randomly generated each time this program is run.
  5. Call Customer Support at +1 937 439 1589.
  6. In the box under the Chat area, type your Company Name and the Password, and click Send.
  7. The customer support representative will now be able to see what is on your computer.
  8. When the session is complete, click Cancel to close the Remote Support Tool and close the connection with Ohio GT customer support.


OHIO Gravure Technologies in Dayton, Ohio USA designs and manufactures advanced equipment for the global gravure printing market. The Engineering, Software Development, and Manufacturing groups work to provide innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity, such as the award-winning Hybrid Engraving System. Our engineering specialty since 1980 is our sub-micron accurate cutting system (Vision engrave head). We provide installation and support for our electromechanical engravers and the prepress layout software Collage for gravure printing.



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