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Camera Alignment Importance to Cell Measurements - Curve Fitting

Equipment affected: Spectrum and Prism Prime engravers

Software Version*: Spectrum and Prism Prime software versions 02.03 and higher.

The latest software algorithm for measuring cell and channel size uses curves that follow the cell and channel edges. It is very important with this software that the camera is aligned properly, with the cells running vertically and with little to no rotation of the image. Measurement accuracy and functionality are adversely affected by poor alignment.


Find camera alignment instructions for the Spectrum and Prism Prime here.

A new Spectrum operator manual, including these instructions, is available for download here.

The Prism/Prism Prime manual is currently being updated and will include these instructions. The new manual is planned for release in the 4th quarter of 2019. Until then, please us the alignment instructions available above.

If you have any questions, please contact OHIO.

* Find the software version by looking at line 1 of the machine log. Look for the words 'Spectrum' or 'Prism' followed by numbers. These numbers are your software version. It is not uncommon for software to be three or four sets of numbers, for example 02.03.05 or


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