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Using Sequence Engraving

Sequence engraving, also called Over Engraving, is used to engrave two separations on the same cylinder. This is easily done by setting up the image correctly in the design system, and then setting the parameters in the Collage job. The engraver will then automatically engrave the first separation then the second separation on the same cylinder.

On the design system

Set up the artwork that will engrave on the same cylinder as two separations.
For example, have a Process Black and a Linework Black.

In Collage

On the Gravure Parameters Color Sequence page, make sure that the colors to be engraved on the same cylinder come in as different separations. In this example, there are two black separations.

In the Over Eng. Group fields, change the names of the two separations to be the same. In this example, both are changed to Black.

In the Over Eng. Sequence drop-down, check the number for each separation. The separation labeled “1” will engrave first and the separation labeled “2” will engrave second.

If you want to change the engrave order, use the drop-down.

Test cuts

If using semi-automation, on the Cylinder Geometry page, make sure that the test cuts for the cylinders in the Over Eng. Group are positioned correctly so they don't conflict. Refer to Collage online help, or watch the Setting Test Cut Values video

On the engraver

When you select one of the cylinders in the Over Eng. Group, both are downloaded.

The engraver will automatically engrave the first separation (labeled “1” in Collage), then reposition the head and engrave the second separation.


The Over Engrave Group can have more than 2 cylinders. As long as the names are identical, the separations will engrave on the same cylinder, one after another, in the order set in the drop-down.

Please see the Collage on-line Help for detailed information.

This works on Spectrum or Prism engravers, or on Hell engravers when Collage has the Hell Output module.

If you have any questions, please contact OHIO.


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