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New Features in 4.3

Collage Layout System

Following is a list of the major new features added in Collage 4.3 in 2017 and early 2018. This does not include the many smaller improvements that enable the operator to work more efficiently. Note that some features require an additional license, such as Hybrid Engraving or Hell Output.

Support for Windows 10

Support for Windows 10 begins in Collage version 4.3.                      
Windows 10 Professional is required, 64-bit is recommended.

Full-up Workflow when the layout is done on the Design Computer

Collage was designed to use a One-up image: place the one-up on the canvas and use the Collage tools, such as the image enhancement tools on that image. When the one-up was stepped-and-repeated, all the values set on the one image were automatically stepped-and-repeated. For example, use the Selective Area tool to define the part of the image to have special gamma curve or hybrid setting to be applied.Full-up

Increasingly today, the step-and-repeat is done on the design station, sending a full-up image to Collage where the output parameters (screen/angle) are set.

Previously, when a full-up image was brought into Collage, using the tools such as Selective Area had to be manually set for each of the images in the full-up. This was tedious and error prone.

With the new version of Collage, working with a full-up is now easier. You can now define an element on one image and step-and-repeat it for all the images in the full-up. This includes Color Blocks and Selective Areas for Gamma, Sharpness and Hybrid settings.

Helpful Ink Volume Information

inkCustomers have been asking to know the ink volume either as Billion Cubic Microns or cm3/m2 for a specific screen and cell size. Now Collage automatically calculates and displays the BCM ink volume for a screen, based on the size of the full cell and channel.

Also, you can now see the percentage of ink coverage for a cylinder in the Ink Volume Calculator report.

Enhanced Hell Output Support

HellMore Hell features are now supported, including Extreme's engraving. All have been added to the Defaults Editor and the User Preferences. The optional Collage Hell Output module is all that you need for a mixed OHIO and Hell shop. Learn more

Hell Match and DTG Match

This optional feature to engrave cylinders on a Spectrum or Prism that exactly emulate Hell screening such that OHIO and Hell cylinders can be mixed without moirè. Learn more

Earlier Releases

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